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Your Dream. Your Home.  Your Way.

Seven Simple Steps to Building a New Home

1. Determine Your Needs and Budget

Determine Your Needs and Budget Meet directly with one of the owners of Magnolia Custom Homes to determine exactly what you want and need in a new home. This NO COST meeting can be in your current home or in ours. This process helps us to identify the style and size of home that will best suit your needs and budget, thus insuring you get the right home at the best possible value. At this meeting we will also discuss your land situation and set up a time to meet at your property or begin helping you find the perfect home site.

2. Visit Your Building Site and Design Your New Home

Visit Your Building Site and Design Your New Home Every property is unique and requires a site visit before the plans can be completed. Some property is better suited for a basement while others may be better suited for a slab. Lot dimensions, view, utilities, easements, and architectural control committees are just some factors that must be considered before a plan is finalized. Once we visit your land, we can give you helpful information in determining which floor plan is best for you or what modifications you might want to consider incorporating to the plan that you have already fallen in love with. We offer full customization to any floor plan that you choose.

3. Add Your Personal Touch

Add Your Personal Touch Now it's time to select your decorator options and those finishing touches that make your new home uniquely yours. There are countless choices when selecting exterior and interior finishes. At Magnolia Custom Homes we do not limit your choices to what we have on display. Many of our clients have fallen in love with a product that they found online or have enjoyed in a previous home… and that is just fine with us! We will make every effort to get the products you want.

4. Finalize Pricing and Your Building Agreement

Finalize Pricing and Your Building Agreement After you have customized your floor plan changes and selected all your color and design choices, we can then accurately provide you with a price for building your new home. At Magnolia Custom Homes we are committed to avoiding any cost surprises during the construction process. Once the cost is finalized, you'll approve the building agreement and your lender can finalize your construction loan.

5. Secure Your Financing

Secure Your Financing You are welcome to choose your own lender. Or, if you prefer, we can put you in contact with banks and mortgage companies we have chosen to work with because of their favorable terms and quick turnarounds. Once your loan is closed, the actual process for building your new home will begin.

6. Watch Your Home from the Ground Up

Watch Your Home from the Ground Up Get ready for a truly wonderful experience. Unlike some builders, we will not assign you to a field manager who may be overseeing numerous other projects. The owners of Magnolia Custom Homes will continue to personally oversee construction and make sure every detail is well taken care of. We are not interested in volume. We are only interested in quality and exceeding your expectations. .

7. Put Your Key in the Front Door

Put Your Key in the Front Door Once your new home is completed, you will have the opportunity to walk through the home to make sure everything is just the way you wanted it. Magnolia Custom Homes is committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied. Our warranty process will ensure that you remain a raving fan for many years to come!

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